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rebranding & packaging

Skin Need is an environmentally aware skincare brand that advocates skincare as a form of self-love. They aim to heal and nurture the skin through lab-formulated products that are pharmaceutical at their core. This means their products are made of only the most essential and functional ingredients derived from plants and are clean of commercial ingredients like fragrance.

With knowledge of the brand's history and ethos, I redesigned its logo and products using a minimal approach that matches its brand.

Skin Need.009.png
Skin Need.001.png
Skin Need.003.png
Skin Need.005.png
Skin Need.004.png
Skin Need.006.png
Skin Need.007.png

The rebranding went live in November of 2018 and the branding elements have been applied to all new products developed since then.

The brand has also since made its way onto Sephora shelves in Hong Kong!

Check them out at:

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