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ig & fb content

During the peak of the pandemic when physical appointments to HSBC branches were restricted, HSBC asked us to help promote their digital capabilities and to teach customers how to bank from home through a series of Instagram and Facebook posts. 

Post 6 IG.png
Post 8.png

Phase 01   |  3D Vectors 

For the initial phase of posts, we went with 3D-styled vector graphics that were centered around characters representing HSBC RMs who would be explaining the different digital functions HSBC offers. We also played with the different layout options of each social platform to create unique layouts.

Flying Sofa Mockup.png
ATM Mockup.png
Fridge Portal Mockup.png

Phase 02   |  Surrealism

For phase 2, we pitched a direction inspired by the Instagram account SurrealHK. This direction interprets the copy in a literal sense which results in surreal and attention-grabbing visuals. Although this content ultimately didn't get published, it was a fun direction to work on. 

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