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logo design

Approached by the founder to help develop a unique logo for his new frozen foods store, Food Project, I partnered with an illustrator to bring to life the vision he had for this project. 

Window Logo Mockup.png

Art Direction 01   |  Industrial Stamp

For direction 01, we proposed a concept that would match their vision of an industrial-style shop while also being able to showcase the products that they will be stocking.

Food Project Logo Ideas1024_3_edited.jpg
Food Project Logo Ideas1024_4.png
Food Project Logo Ideas1024_6.png
Food Project Logo GIF.gif

Art Direction 02   |  Minimal Characters

For direction 02, we proposed a concept that merges character design and food in a unique and almost comical way.

Food Project Logo Ideas1024_12_edited.jpg
Food Project Logo Ideas1024_13.png
Food Project Logo V21024_12_edited.png
Sticker Pack_edited.jpg
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