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Every month, we were briefed by DFS on the products and editorials that they wanted to highlight. Based on the brief and the assets provided, we would ideate and create content for their Instagram in the form of static posts, GIFs, animations or stories. 

Editorial - Springtime Cocktails

After the strategists had gone through the editorial we were given a short summary and description of what the direction of the post should be focused on.

Subhead: "Let the good times grow as you sip on these four refreshing drinks."


Description: "Whether you're looking to add buzz to an outdoor picnic or make a splash at an outdoor party, discover four fun tipples for you to toast with."


Springtime Cocktails Desktop Banner.JPG
Sorrento Sparkle.JPG
Stawberry Tequila Soda.JPG



Final GIF:

Story Adaptation:

Sorrento Sparkle.png
Strawberry Tequila Soda.png

Halloween - Find Your Elevated Beauty Products in the Haunted Mansion

For content released over Halloween of 2021, we were given creative freedom to come up with content as long as it had a fashion or beauty angle that directed people back to DFS.

Concept: A spooky mansion collage will be used to hide all the selected beauty products, compelling users to find them the way of an Easter Egg hunt.


Final Post:

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 12.48.48 AM.png
Haunted Mansion_v3.png

Story Adaptation:

Haunted Mansion Story_frame 1.png

Editorial - Next Level Vacation

The objective of this content series is to drive users to DFS's editorial and to showcase some DFS destinations by introducing one tourist attraction per location.

Concept: For this content set I thought it would be interesting to create a mini-narrative to tie the feed post with the story instead of having the stories be just an adaptation of the post. The feed post would be portrayed as the researching process before travel while the stories would be portrayed as posts that have been uploaded post-travel.



Final GIF: execution by team member

Story Adaptation: execution by team member

2021 Christmas Campaign Editorial - Cardinal Drinks

We were briefed to come up with content based on their editorial on the rules for nailing holiday cocktail hours. We were also briefed to craft our content around the existing design elements and colors they had developed for their KV, which consisted of circles in vibrant colors.

Concept: The objective of this post was to tease two of the rules to crafting holiday cocktails and then drive the audience to the editorial to discover the rest of the rules.

Final GIF:

Story Adaptation:

Cardinal Drinks Story v4.1.png
Cardinal Drinks Story v4.2.png
Cardinal Drinks Story v4.3.png
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